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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 4, 2018 6:00am-6:02am CET

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it makes people are really looking for any journalist they can trust for them to make sense and. i think that's how i work at government. al-qaeda linked militants have claimed responsibility for shooting down a russian fighter jet over syria's province russian officials say the pilot ejected with a parachute but was killed in fighting on the grind the russian defense ministry says it responded with an ash strike on the area which killed at least thirty minutes and. say the italian man arrested in connection with a shooting spree targeting foreigners has links to neo fascists praties the
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shooting wounded six african immigrants in the city of much just days after a nigerian man was arrested for the murder of a young italian woman. thousands of people have attended a party test on the french island of corsica calling for more autonomy from paris that demonstration took place three days before planned physick by french president emanuel. protest organizers stopped short of calling for a full independence. actress whom a firm has broken has silence on harvey weinstein in a new york times interview them and said the hollywood producer attacked her in a hotel room in the one nine hundred ninety s. pushing her die and trying to expose himself more than seventy women have accused the mogul of sexual misconduct including rape. of. germany's carmakers found themselves under fire this week for their involvement
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with exhaust testing involving humans and animals in two thousand and thirteen and fourteen subjects at a clinic and often inhaled varying concentrations of nitrogen dioxide for long periods several times a week the car makers were testing the effects of the exhaust gas on humans. a company called the european research organization for environmental health commission the study. german car makers v.w. di miller and b.m.w. along with parts supplier bosch financed the tests. books wagon is still struggling with its emissions cheating scandal from twenty fifteen the release this week of the emissions tests unleashed a new wave of in the nation.


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